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TechSnips IT video lessons demonstrate singular tasks with brevity

There's always something new to learn in the IT field, where technology, processes and tools change every time you turn around. The challenge to keep up -- let alone keep ahead -- means a variety of searches for specific task tutorials, often in the form of IT video lessons. How do I configure X on Y operating system? How do I set up N in M program?

Adam Bertram, a SearchITOperations contributor and infrastructure developer with experience in multiple fields, provides a direct and succinct learning experience for administrators with TechSnips. Read on to learn more about TechSnips, and check out the free IT video lesson sample, in which Brandon Olin, cloud enterprise architect at Columbia Sportswear Company in Portland, Ore., demonstrates how to deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster with the Azure Cloud Shell command-line interface. IT pros can sign up for a TechSnips subscription on the site.

A peer-to-peer IT learning platform

IT professionals, system admins and other experts are not in the public eye; they just go to their jobs and do their thing, Bertram said. The bulk of contributors are senior-level professionals in various IT fields and departments, and TechSnips IT video lessons give them the platform to share knowledge easily. "I want to remove all the barriers to getting involved in putting themselves out there, and teaching and documenting, [and record] what's in their brain via a screencast," he said.

"A lot [of early content] is going to be [about] PowerShell, because that's my niche and my followers' niche -- it's what I'm known for," he said. But TechSnips will eschew a specific theme in order to serve as wide an audience as possible. The brevity of its IT video clips -- between one and five minutes on average -- enables contributors to drill down into granular subjects. "I'm forcing [contributors] to not go crazy on really complicated scenarios or projects that they're working on, but to break things down into these little snips or little chunks of screencasts," he explained.

TechSnips videos will not be certification courses or training but short and focused how-to scenarios. IT courses and certification training are already available online from the likes of Pluralsight and KnowledgeNet, priced by course. For professionals who need the whole shebang and have the time to devote to them, these are useful resources. But the IT video lessons from TechSnips help users learn something and get on with their lives, Bertram said. "How do I install this piece of software?" or "How do I automate this process?" are the types of questions that TechSnips IT videos aim to answer. TechSnips will not feature PowerPoint slides, for example, and its lessons will not be monologue-heavy. Each IT video is just enough information to complete the task at hand.

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