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Controlling configuration and change management: IT process controls

Lead researcher for IT Process Institute, Gene Kim, speaks with SearchDataCenter about change and configuration management.

Gene Kim is the lead researcher for the IT Process Institute (ITPI), a research organization whose mission is to better understand what differentiates high performing IT organizations from medium and low performers. Gene is also the CTO and co-founder of Tripwire, a company that specializes in change and configuration management controls.

According to the results of ITPI's study, a crucial part of creating an efficient IT organization is process control. In other words, managing the frameworks that govern configuration and change management is the key to increasing data center productivity. The detailed findings can be found in ITPI's book The Visible Ops Handbook. Gene Kim discusses some of those findings in this exclusive audiocast.

What the IT Process Institute does and Gene Kim's role

ITIL and COBIT, deciding what works

IT process control for reigning in ITSM frameworks

The 80:20 principle in high-performing IT organizations

Defined consequences minimizes risks

The role of standards in IT process controls

Standards don't always yield positive results

IT process controls and the data center

Do things like ITIL and COBIT really work?

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