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Find resources on certifications and DevOps job skills that will enhance your career in the modern IT operations topic center. Get team organization and leadership strategies, tips on managing DevOps and traditional teams within the same IT organization, and ideas for beginning or improving your DevOps rollout.

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  • IT/OT convergence

    IT/OT convergence is the integration of information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems. Continue Reading

  • The Phoenix Project

    The Phoenix Project is a best-selling novel about DevOps. The book's characters reveal through their actions why it's so important for organizations to put security first and tear down the silos that have traditionally existed between development ... Continue Reading

  • The history of DevOps: A visual timeline

    This infographic shows the evolution of DevOps over time. Learn about the founding of DevOps in 2007-2008, as well as events that would bring DevOps out of its niche, like with the release of the book 'The Phoenix Project.' Continue Reading

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