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In this topic center focused on DevOps team practices and skills, get advice on creating cross-functional teams that work together. Land a SysOps or DevOps job, or learn how to communicate between developers, testers, security, database and IT operations professionals.

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  • How to start building a DevSecOps model

    To help transition to a DevSecOps model to protect enterprises, security teams need to identify key stakeholders, provide examples of specific company security events and work toward creating crossover teams. Continue Reading

  • DevOps

    In its most broad meaning, DevOps is an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between development and operations as more elements of operations become programmable. In its most narrow interpretation, DevOps describes the part of ... Continue Reading

  • When you create a DevOps workflow, avoid these missteps

    How can DevOps help? And how can you apply it correctly? These are important questions to consider before you attempt to create a DevOps pipeline. Continue Reading

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