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Pop quiz: Test your knowledge of open source terminology

Open source technology is a wild west at times. Make sure your open source terminology is up to snuff with this short quiz.

Open source technology is integral to many aspects of the data center.

The concept of open source software dates back decades, though most IT professionals would pinpoint the founding of the Linux kernel in the early 1990s as the beginning of modern open source operating systems. Today, open source terminology is expanding to include hardware designs as well.

Because its reach is so expansive, data center managers, administrators and support staff must know the proper open source terminology to select tools and make roadmap decisions.

Use GitHub on the daily? Fancy yourself a Linux devotee? Is your home lab always testing the newest projects? Test your knowledge of popular open source resources, methodology and products in this quiz.

When you've aced the quiz, share your score -- and your favorite open source terminology trivia -- in the comments section or tell the world via Twitter, tagging @DataCenterTT.

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What are some innovative ways you are using open source technology in your data center?
Took the test, got 50%, not because I was familiar with the terms. Most of the answers can be drawn based on the available options and common sense.