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DevOps quiz: What IT admins need to know

As DevOps tools gain a place in the IT landscape, IT admins should brush up on what they know about DevOps.

DevOps is part of the changing face of today's IT department that is grappling with cloud, mobility and other trends that affect the traditional way that applications are designed and deployed. Traditional practices and barriers are breaking down, and DevOps tools and practices may be the answer to some of IT's new challenges.

DevOps tools help ensure consistent, repeatable outcomes for IT systems through configuration management, automated testing and other techniques. For example, keeping a handle on virtual data centers or adding control to cloud services can be achieved with DevOps tools.

IT admins will likely need some knowledge of DevOps, whether it's rudimentary or it becomes a primary goal of their job. See how much you know -- and need to know -- about DevOps.

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