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End users matter most with today's performance management

Application performance management tools focus on the end-user experience and use readily available data and autodiscovery to fulfill those goals.

Application performance management (APM) tools are all about the end user. The June issue of Modern Infrastructure examines APM today and how companies are using and managing these tools.

There's plenty of data available for monitoring these days, so organizations are taking advantage of the data influx that's being driven by big data and open source to understand how users are experiencing applications. APM implementation has been a big project in the past, but today, implementing performance management is actually the easy part. Systems can automatically discover the data sources to be managed.

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As performance management systems have evolved, two different ways to get at the end-user experience have also emerged. Businesses can choose accordingly, depending on their needs. For now, application performance management tools are monitoring the user experience, but future incarnations of APM tools will employ end user performance management to predict what the user is going to do next.

In this podcast, Modern Infrastructure editors also discuss Robert Green's June issue feature story on controlling cloud costs. Green has shared his expertise at Modern Infrastructure seminars, and lays out the five best ways to keep cloud costs transparent and under control.

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