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Cloud computing specialist jobs blend architect, evaluator skills

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Cloud computing is a preferred deployment structure for highly scalable and flexible workloads: It's utility computing that emphasizes user self-service and demand- and usage-based cost models. But cloud services can be complex and confusing, often mixing à la carte compute and storage instances with myriad support services that load balance, scale and monitor workloads. Each piece of the cloud computing puzzle has a price, often tiered by usage and contrasted with free options.

Organizations need a cloud computing specialist to sort through pricing and performance limitations from providers both broad and niche. A cloud computing specialist helps developers and operations personnel architect a suitable on-demand cloud environment that supports highly scalable workload performance while reining in unpredictable costs. If you follow this IT career path, be prepared to offer guidance on compliance, availability and other factors, so business units understand whether a workload belongs on a public cloud or in a data center.

Cloud computing specialists can also be deeply involved with private cloud service creation and expansion: A private deployment brings cloud computing benefits to the enterprise while it maintains infrastructure control and visibility. A cloud computing specialist can architect, implement and maintain private deployments and merge public and private environments into a hybrid cloud where workloads and data move seamlessly as resources demand or costs dictate.

With the emerging importance of multicloud, a cloud computing specialist must possess expertise in more than one public cloud service suite, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. They should guide business leaders, developers and operations staff to support the most cross-platform-compatible deployment schemes for high availability and cost management.

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