Widespread DevOps adoption means security for DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers rank in the top three for both annual IT salary and job satisfaction, according to a new survey from Stack Overflow.

Has DevOps arrived? The answer is a resounding "yes!" if you look at Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Survey.

DevOps developers earn the highest average salary among developers, according to the survey. The position of DevOps specialist earned the highest salary, with an average global salary of $60,215. Machine learning specialist was next with a salary of $57,000, followed by developer with a statistics or mathematics background ($55,000), data scientist ($53,763), and QA engineer ($53,757).

According to the survey, the salary for a DevOps specialist in the United States is $100,000, which places it third behind machine learning specialist ($108,000) and developer with a statistics or mathematics background ($101,000). In the United Kingdom, DevOps specialist topped the chart with a salary of $56,250.

Like most developer roles, DevOps specialists primarily work from the office. Only 12.5% of DevOps specialists work remotely, according to the survey. Graphics designers, in comparison, are the most likely to work remotely at 22.3%. This makes sense, however, given essential DevOps engineering involves breaking down institutional development and operation silos. DevOps communication and culture is much easier to build on site rather than in your own home.

If you already have a DevOps job, you’re likely set for the foreseeable future. Only 11% of DevOps developers reported that they are actively looking for a new job. Machine scientists are the most likely to jump ship, with 14.3% reporting they are actively looking, followed by data scientist (13.2%) and mobile developer (12.8%). The DevOps specialist is the only developer position, according to the survey, to rank in both the top three for annual salary and the bottom three of developers actively looking for a new job.

The survey confirmed that to truly have a DevOps skill set, the DevOps specialist must be versed in a range of developer environments. While Visual Studio was the most popular choice for web developers, desktop developers, and data scientists, according to the survey, DevOps (and system administrators) prefer Vim. Visual Studio finished second for DevOps, though, with Notepadd++ coming in third.

There was greater conformity among DevOps and other types of developers when it comes to the popularity of different programming languages. JavaScript and SQL were the two most popular languages by far. For the Sysadmin/DevOps category, 73.9% use JavaScript and 63.9% use SQL.

Ultimately, web developer was by far the most popular type of developer, according to the survey. Nearly three out of four respondents identified themselves as a web developer. Desktop applications developer was a distant second at 28.9% followed by mobile developer at 23%. DevOps specialist placed seventh on the list at 11.1%, but I expect that to grow as more organizations adopt DevOps to stay competitive.

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