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2017 Impact Awards: Vote for the Best Systems Management Tool

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The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in the essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure covers. The award-winning tools help run enterprise businesses with efficiency and insight -- whether they're used inside the data center or out.

Judges have whittled down the list of submissions to the finalists below. Winners will be announced in early January in a special issue of Modern Infrastructure.

Entrants in the Best Systems Management Tool category offer a service, platform or tool that enables organizations to manage and optimize their IT infrastructure. 

The companies listed below are the finalists for the 2017 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards' best DevOps/System Management category. 

Blue Medora SelectStar

SelectStar is a set of analytics tools that provides database, cloud and virtualized infrastructure monitoring capabilities designed to help IT professionals track database performance and availability metrics. The product offers visibility into a range of different in-production databases including VMware’s vSphere, Amazon’s EC2 and Aurora, Oracle and Microsoft’s SQL Server. SelectStar puts an emphasis on offering a more comprehensive view of all databases and how each specifically works with their specific infrastructure. The product is also sold as a SaaS platform.

Continuity Software AvailabilityGuard

Designed to prevent unplanned IT outages, AvailabilityGuard provides IT shops with predictive operations analytics that can serve to build better availability, proactively identify deviations from IT best practices and migrate hidden configuration flaws that could result in downtime and loss of data. The software’s operation analytics can identify and eliminate potential failures before they adversely affect the business. The product can help ensure that all IT systems are properly configured across both virtual and physical layers by carrying out daily automated verification of all IT systems including: verifying that configuration changes comply with IT best practices; providing actionable recommendations for applying best practices and removing availability risks; and measuring KPI’s that support continuous improvement thereby establishing better resiliency and agility.

Datadog APM Solution

Datadog APM Solution is a set of tool designed for DevOps teams to troubleshoot a number of different technical issues, specifically among the more complex, distributed applications using hybrid clouds, micro-services and containers from a single platform. The tool can be used for a number of different purposes including performance optimization and diagnosing outages, particularly intended for larger IT shops. The product has the ability to automatically trace specific requests across multiple hosts and services, as well as customizable dashboards data aggregation.  Datadog APM is offered as a SaaS solution providing IT professionals with alerts through e-mail, SMS and cloud-based collaboration tools including Slack and HipChat.

DriveScale System

DriveScale System is a physical infrastructure offering that give systems administrators to recompose infrastructure on the fly. The product is capable of doing this at the rack level it can account for a variety of applications, budgets and scale of mainstream enterprises. The DriveScale System contains RESTful APIs which give access to the System, enabling integration with applications and a number of other management tools. DriveScale is designed to offer hitless upgrades allowing applications to continue to operate during upgrades. The offering can serve up cloud-based services through DriveScale Central which serves as an intelligence and support depot permitting the cross-deployment tracking of information and configuration backup, as well as information about best practices.

HPE OneView

HPE OneView 3.0 is designed to handle infrastructure and workload automation across the breadth of the company’s infrastructure portfolio including HPE Proliant, HPE BladeSystem, HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE Hyper Converged solutions. Features added to version 3.0 include a global dashboard to simplify IT operations for distributed locations by giving users a single view of their infrastructure, both local and remote, as well as a capability to manage heterogeneous switches. HPE has now integrated the product with its Helion CloudSystem 10 which allows for provisioning individual physical servers or whole virtualization clusters directly from the CloudSystem console.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017

WhatsUp Gold 2017 is an infrastructure and application monitoring tool that helps IT professionals monitor data flowing through their networks from one device to another. By clicking on any device, IT teams can gain access to the health information of network, server or applications that device is interacting with. The software is designed to streamline troubleshooting by presenting IT pros with a network map that gives them a broader view of their entire environment as well as zooming into on details Windows, Linux and virtual or wireless assets.


LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based and agentless automated performance monitoring platform that offers IT systems administrators the ability to manage more complex IT environments. The offering enables IT teams to act on performance data through customizable dashboards and performance forecasting. It also has a built-in workflow capability that includes alert routing and escalation management that should improve an IT teams’ issue response and resolution time. LogicMonitor can monitor all of a company’s IT environments whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe

The Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe is a performance and monitoring tool for Network Attached Storage-based infrastructure designed to analyze IP packets on monitored NAS ports. The product can continually report on a wide range of metrics that offers vendor-agnostic monitoring at the protocol level.  The Probe can assist in a variety of performance issues such as rogue clients, noisy neighbors or metadata bottlenecks, issues that NAS environments typically have some difficulty in dealing with. The product, which is vendor-neutral, is designed to work with mission critical workloads through monitoring all traffic from the VM to the file system.


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