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BDNA Insight updated with discovery capabilities: News in brief

BDNA's Insight version 6.0 is available, with new capabilities for identifying, tracking and managing infrastructure components; offers server consolidation tips.

BDNA updates Insight with infrastructure discovery and mapping capabilities
BDNA's Insight version 6.0, which includes new capabilities for identifying, tracking and managing a range of IT infrastructure components, is now available.

The latest version of BDNA Insight includes improved discovery capabilities and the BDNA Catalog, which identifies vendor, version, support, power consumption and space metrics for tens of thousands of products.

Another new tool is BDNA Maps, which automates relationship discovery and mapping between various resources, including virtual machines, storage and applications.

For more information, pricing and partner opportunities, visit the company website. releases study on server consolidation, optimization
The open industry consortium published a vendor-neutral study on server consolidation and workload optimization that can be downloaded for free.

Not surprisingly, contributors report that data center managers can reduce costs and improve efficiency by consolidating older, lower-performing servers, storage and workstations with more efficient blade server systems.

The report also emphasizes the need for effective resource management software and efficient storage and I/O management in virtualization-driven data centers, and other important considerations.

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