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BMC boasts business service management bundle

With new and upgraded business service management (BSM) software, BMC aims to help companies connect IT to the business.

BMC Software Inc. has released new and updated existing software for its business service management (BSM) portfolio, which aims to help companies connect IT processes with business goals.

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The release includes three new products -- Transaction Management Root Cause Analysis, Performance Assurance and Performance Exception Detector, and CMDB support for Performance Manager and Performance Assurance –-- as well as upgrades to software like Event Manager, Service Impact Manager and others. All are available now. The BMC announcement came at its UserWorld event in Prague, Czech Republic, this week.

Tom Bishop, chief technical officer at BMC, said the announcements focus on three things: expanding the reach of BMC's Atrium CMDB to other company software, being able to respond to IT events depending on the information and improving the ability of each of the software tools to understand the IT environment from different perspectives.

Transaction Root Cause Analysis discovers transaction-based errors and determines how they're connected to IT and business infrastructures. Performance Assurance and Performance Exception Detector can detect issues that might be affecting IT and business performance in the same way a lot of cars on the road affect traffic. The last new product integrates BMC's Performance Manager and Performance Assurance service management with its Atrium CMDB.

All of them aim for a central goal: to connect what IT is doing to what the overall business wants to do. So, is it working?

"They start to, but there remains more work to develop, notably on the business side," wrote Stephen Elliot, IDC analyst, in an email, adding that BMC looks at the connection mainly from the software application side and needs to integrate that better with the business perspective. That is, what does this software do for our business and our clients?

Elliot also said that the change requires the IT department to be able to talk about its technology and how it affects business. "It is happening, but it needs to accelerate," he said.

Clive Longbottom, service director of business process analysis for research firm Quocirca, said that BMC's aim to use the Atrium CMDB as the foundation for information between IT and business is a good one.

"By tying this up through business and technical views, better advisories can be made as to what the real impact of any event will be on the business or on the technical environment," he said.

But Longbottom added that BMC has to convince businesses that it is a major player in the field among CA, IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), "as it seems to have lost some momentum over the last year or so."

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