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Server specs: CA updates Unicenter ASM for virtual servers

CA updates Unicenter ASM to manage physical and virtual machines from multiple vendors; Syska Hennessy forms committee to help it build more efficient facilities; HP announces tech grants; and IBM settles lawsuit with employees regarding overtime pay.

CA updates Unicenter ASM to manage physical and virtual servers

CA Inc. has released a new version of its Unicenter Advanced Systems Management (ASM) software that allows administrators to manage physical and virtual machines from a variety of vendors.

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The software, available now, provides automatic discovery of physical and virtual servers, inputs the information into a database and maps it out so data center managers know where everything is. It has a flat price of $1,800, plus extra costs for each physical or virtual resource being managed. The company said implementations tend to start at $30,000 and go up from there. Current customers of ASM can get the upgrade for free.

Unicenter ASM works with a variety of virtualization software, including VMware, Microsoft's Virtual Server and IBM's LPAR Power series, which runs on AIX. This is important in today's heterogeneous environments, CA argued.

Other features of the software include:

  • The ability to dynamically reassign CPU or memory resources from other virtual machines when application performance worsens .
  • A single console that represents both physical and virtual machines.
  • Web-based reports that IT managers can study to determine trends in their data center.

Syska Hennessy looks into 'green critical facilities'

Data center design firm Syska Hennessy Group, which earlier this year proposed a new data center performance metric, has now formed a committee to help the company design critical facilities that are more energy efficient.

The committee is going to follow eight major guidelines to build more sustainable data center facilities. Some of the guidelines include integrating "sustainability" into the design of a facility rather than just adding in sustainable features into an otherwise inefficient building, taking geography into account (e.g., does a good design in New York translate to good design in Idaho?), and designing facilities that are both reliable and sustainable.

HP announces technology grants

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) today announced an educational initiative that will award $2.8 million in grants through cash and equipment to colleges and universities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The HP Technology for Teaching Grants is aimed to help schools graduate more students with high-tech degrees, with special emphasis this year on grant proposals focused on environmental engineering and "green" product design. More information about the grant program is available at

IBM settles on employee overtime lawsuit

IBM has agreed to pay $65 million to settle a class action suit filed by employees who said they weren't paid properly for overtime work.

The lawsuit claimed that the employees were classified as exempt from receiving overtime, but the Fair Labor Standards Act states that only those employees with manager status or higher should be exempt; it was filed in California in January. The lawsuit became important because many startup tech companies expect their workers to put in overtime as the businesses get on their feet.

The settlement allows employees in two job categories -- technical services professional and information technology specialist -- will be able to receive back overtime payment.

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