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Systems management 3.0: Virtualization changes everything

Cloud computing and virtualization will help change the way IT shops think about systems management. It will more than likely change the landscape currently dominated by IBM, CA, HP and BMC.

Cloud computing and virtualization in the data center have created an opportunity to reconsider an old problem -- what to do about systems management. Large enterprises have spent time and money on expensive frameworks from IBM Tivoli, CA, HP and BMC. But if you could start from scratch and build the perfect systems management environment using today’s tools, would you take a different path?

Systems management in the virtual age: Out with the old
Many IT pros say that if they could start over today, they wouldn't manage their data centers with software from the Big Four.

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Elastic computing calls for management overhaul
Inside an enterprise cloud, IT shops wait for orchestration and monitoring tools to catch up with the complexities involved in offering self-service, on-demand computing.

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VDI and systems management -- one tough puzzle
Some virtual desktop products integrate with enterprise management suites, but most VDI relies on its own consoles.

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Open source systems management: Hits and misses
Which open source systems management tools work for you? Certain tools bring welcome automation to repeated tasks. But beware the shortcomings.

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With Opalis, Microsoft bids for cross-platform credibility
Big enterprises are not pure Windows shops. Microsoft hopes its investment in Opalis Software will extend its reach in systems management and boost integration across platforms.

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