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Impact Awards: Vote for Bright Idea winner

Vote for the Bright Idea award winner for best emerging product in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.

The Modern Infrastructure Impact awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in the essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure covers. The award-winning tools will be those helping to run enterprise businesses with efficiency and insight -- whether they're used inside the data center or outside.

Judges have whittled down the list of submissions to the finalists below. Voting is open from October 16 through October 31, 2014. Winners will be announced in early January in a special issue of Modern Infrastructure.

The Bright Idea award recognizes an emerging product with the potential to shake up data center operations. Nominees in this category are beta or pre-GA products.

The companies listed to the left are the finalists for the 2014 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards, Bright Idea category. Click to read what vendors have to say about their nominated product. Vote for your favorite below.

AccessData Group ResolutionOne Cybersecurity 5.5

From AccessData Group: ResolutionOne CyberSecurity equips organizations to confidently respond, validate and resolve security breaches in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional defense-centric architectures. ResolutionOne (R1) provides visibility, context and automation required to identify security breaches as they are unfolding, enabling security teams to quickly focus on true threats. By automatically applying threat intelligence from multiple sources, organizations can proactively hunt for threats. Automating response to alerts generated by SIEM, log management and advanced network security detection products provides context to assess what happened at the endpoint and can initiate remediation processes or be isolated to support remote investigation. R1 offers unprecedented endpoint, network and signature-less malware detection. It is also the first platform to offer source-agnostic threat intelligence ingestion and searching on both network and endpoints. The integrated visibility, automation and collaboration that R1 provides gives security operations, network security, forensics and other teams the agility they need to detect more, respond faster, and achieve continuous, automated incident resolution (CAIR).

DataGravity Discovery Series

From DataGravity: Organizations struggle to benefit from rapidly growing unstructured data. The cost and complexity of storage infrastructure, layered management apps and siloed processes impede proactive management, leaving data dark and at risk, and obscuring its full value. The DataGravity Discovery Series is the industry's first data-aware storage platform that not only serves and protects data more simply, but also surfaces actionable insights that streamline data management, reduce business risks and increase user productivity. It delivers storage, protection, data governance, search and discovery in one solution, powered by an enterprise-grade hardware platform and patent-pending software architecture that enables midmarket companies to put previously idle storage resources to work, making it possible to gain insights without performance penalties. To obtain similar functionalities, organizations would need to invest in enterprise search software, data security tools, and data protection and recovery solutions, as well as primary storage. The costs of these individual solutions and the required staff and management increase their TCO. The DataGravity Discovery Series analyzes data as it's stored without impacting production operations, dramatically reducing the overhead of traditionally intrusive processes. It tracks, records and maintains a historical record of user access patterns, all of which are indexed and correlated for easy exploration.

Intel(r) Security Controller v1.0

From Intel: The Intel Security Controller provides an innovative, unique solution to solving the security challenges IT teams face as they migrate from traditional to software-defined infrastructure and hybrid cloud platforms. It creates software-defined security. It goes beyond simple integration of virtual appliances to abstract the security infrastructure. This new controller-based approach offers Intel Security protection throughout the enterprise at low cost -- with efficient deployment and solid performance:

  • Easy and safe to use! Deploys in 4 steps -- configure connections and then allow infrastructure and security teams to use the same, role-based tools they've already deployed, with audit logging enabled.
  • High performance at scale. Runs as a virtual machine within the control plane, with a single instance supporting essentially unlimited connections between data centers, security management applications and appliances.
  • Low cost with investment protection. Saves OpEx through automation of manual tasks. Saves CapEx by working with existing deployments, free to customers of the McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform. And as an extensible platform, once deployed, customers will simply add more security functions from Intel Security or more orchestration technologies like VMware NSX or OpenStack (2015). Simply log in (or use APIs) to click and add new connections and services, without downtime.

NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware vSphere

From NVIDIA: NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware vSphere delivers the highest-end 3D applications to the most demanding users, all in a virtualized environment, and broadens the availability of GPU virtualization to VMware's 80% share of VDI users. The two companies' collaboration on the vSphere with GRID vGPU Early Access Program enables customers to try the product before general availability. Participating customers receive Release Candidate Builds and can provide input to NVIDIA and VMware product managers, engineers and technical support -- influencing future products, training, documentation, and services. This marks the first time the two companies have made such a program available.

By allowing multiple virtual machines to share a single GPU, NVIDIA and VMware's joint solution will provide a wide range of customers and service providers with the highest performance for complex, graphics-intensive applications at the lowest possible cost. The collaboration is already transforming the way in which companies such as Airbus, CH2MHILL and MetroHealth are doing business. As participants in the early access program, the three companies are seeing direct benefits from the power of the combined offering. The ease of scalability, cost-effectiveness and high performance are allowing the enterprises to vastly improve employee productivity, while streamlining the management of their hardware resources.

Reduxio Storage System v1.0

From Reduxio: Reduxio has invented an entirely new time-based storage architecture that provides data recovery to the second from an infinite timeline. This unique architecture will allow Reduxio customers to be able to recover databases and VM data stores to any second in the past without the need for upfront scheduling or administration. The Reduxio Storage System is the first enterprise primary storage to truly leverage the capabilities of hard disk drives, solid-state media and future non-volatile technologies. Combined with a patent pending in-line, in-memory dedupe and compression called NoDup, it provides all-flash performance at the price of a disk system. Traditional disk systems or new all-flash arrays are limited since they are tuned for one media type, with some accommodating flash but only as a cache. The Reduxio architecture is designed to support any number of media types, so it is future-proof. In the Reduxio system, data is stored as a timeline of IOs. Using a feature called BackDating, it is possible to clone or revert any volume to any point in time in the history of the system, for data recovery or application development and testing purposes. For example, it is possible to restore a database to a time just before it crashed. BackDating obsoletes snapshots with a zero management, zero performance impact, and infinite history of your system. Revert or clone volumes to the second, instantaneously. To conclude, Reduxio Storage Systems are the first ever time-based enterprise storage systems that provide all-flash like performance and infinite recoverability at the price of disk-based systems.

Seven10 Storage, Storfirst Migration

From Seven10 Storage: Seven10 Storage Software offers a revolutionary approach to cloud-based information lifecycle management (ILM) software. The company's user-friendly, software-based products lead customers on a path of non-disruptive and easy economic integrations. There are 600+ customers globally leveraging Seven10's fully integrated storage information management software. Taking this one step further is Seven10's Storfirst Migration platform, which delivers a low-touch, transparent means to move key data from legacy systems to the cloud.

The technology is designed to protect and minimize the loss of core data through a proprietary process:

1. The solution conducts a comprehensive analysis of data sets to be migrated

2. Inventories of legacy file systems commence

3. Real-time synchronization between target and source occurs

4. Complete audit results of files and directories to be migrated are provided

5. Final verification and confirmation is delivered as a final check prior to migration

Storfirst Migration has a proven track record across all compliance-driven industries. The technology safely and efficiently transitions massive amounts of unstructured PACS, CARDIO, HER, Check-Imaging, EMAIL and User Data. Storfirst makes it happen with a guarantee against data loss, running without interruption and with zero downtime. Seven10 is the market's only company providing ILM software for the data center, the cloud -- and beyond!, Spoon

From Publications from Forbes to VentureBeat to Gigaom have written about the disruptive nature of software containers (specifically, Docker is the hot name of the day). The compelling potential of containers has induced hasty responses, integration attempts, wild predictions and heavy financial backing from industry giants like Google, VMware, AWS and Red Hat. Thus far, however, the greatest weakness of containers has been the absolute lack of support for a native Windows containerization platform. Spoon is about to change that -- quickly.

In a matter of months, based on our years of application virtualization experience, we've created an entirely new application container platform for Windows that will become the new face of Users of Spoon will now be able to package Windows applications and their dependencies into lightweight, isolated, virtual containers. We have graphical and command-line interfaces for building, pulling, testing and deploying containers, as well as a Web-based central hub for user-created images and containers. Spoon also offers more functionality than Docker, including multi-base image support, container streaming, manual and automated browser testing, and variable isolation and networking. Like Docker, Spoon will be 100% free for public projects.

Upsite Technologies AisleLok Modular Containment

From Upsite Technologies: AisleLok Modular Containment is the industry's first modular containment technology. It is applied on a per-rack basis using magnets, which gives it flexibility to be moved and reused. AisleLok's innovative design eliminates the need for tools, customization, or third-party installation. It can be purchased off-the-shelf and installed directly out-of-the-box. AisleLok provides the core benefits of traditional containment, but with much greater flexibility and lower cost. AisleLok Modular Containment dramatically changes the way containment products can be purchased and installed. Traditional containment creates major disruption and requires a complicated, lengthy process to implement. AisleLok Modular Containment streamlines this process with its truly unique approach that allows owners/operators to install it themselves. AisleLok is easy-to-order and can literally be installed in just minutes. AisleLok also adapts to changing needs of the data center and can be easily moved and reapplied -- the first product ever to do so. With AisleLok Modular Containment you can achieve near traditional containment performance at a fraction of the cost. Our research has found temperature decreases of up to 20 degrees with AisleLok installed. This leads to major energy cost savings.

Veeam Availability Suite v8

From Veeam: Today, users require access to information and applications at all times, with no data loss. It's the era of the always-on business and IT must ensure resources are available. Non-stop service and continuous protection requires significant investment in redundant systems with instant failover. Most workloads are served by lower performing, legacy backup solutions with recovery time and point objectives of several hours or days. Veeam Availability Suite v8 bridges this availability gap, leveraging capabilities of the modern data center  -- virtualization, storage integration and cloud -- for a recovery time and point objective of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data. Highlights include:

  • Backup from storage snapshots: Allows backup and replication (B&R) from storage snapshots up to 20X faster than competing products, reduces impact from backup activities.
  • Built-in WAN acceleration: Copies data off-site up to 50X faster; eliminates need for separate WAN acceleration.
  • High-performance data processing engine automatically adjusts to conditions in real time for fastest possible B&R without impacting production storage.
  • Veeam Explorers for Active Directory, Exchange, SQL and SharePoint: Finds and recovers items, databases and individual emails in minutes from image-level backup.
  • Integration with market-leading deduplicating storage for up to 50% faster backups with less network bandwidth.

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