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IT pros atwitter about building a DevOps culture

Exploring #DevOps on Twitter provides a window into what ops pros and developers hold above all else: building a DevOps culture and choosing from the abundance of available tools.

A jaunt on Twitter through the DevOps hashtag reveals what the development and IT operations community finds troublesome, exciting and frustrating.

Digging deep enough uncovers three major themes among the tweets of IT professionals: building a DevOps culture, picking which tool to use and welcoming bugs and failure.

Building a DevOps culture comes up frequently on forums and social media because it reflects a real issue facing businesses. The topic resonates for automation engineers like Noah Sussman, software tester Jacob Lane and even recruiters that specialize in finding DevOps talent for organizations.

Many businesses do not understand that DevOps is something the whole company, not just IT, has to embrace. The many tools available to developers and IT ops teams allow them to easily pick and choose what to use for different jobs. However, building a DevOps culture is about making sure developers and operations are able to connect and work together, whether through APIs or shared tools.

There are many myths surrounding DevOps culture and its implementation. Some companies worry that the speed of DevOps will introduce bugs into their product. That same speed that introduces bugs also allows for DevOps teams to quickly fix bugs.

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