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IT goals for 2016 include DevOps, automation push

The New Year is a chance to step back, reflect and really zero in on the IT goals that you can tackle in 2016, whether that be higher efficiency or putting the right team in place.

Many IT professionals are eager to try faster disaster recovery, DevOps and other new projects in 2016 -- with an air of caution.

"I don't want to break things to do new stuff," said Jamie Rabenstein, IT manager at Victor Community Support Services (VCSS) in California.

He's cautiously optimistic about 2016, balancing a drive to improve IT operations with the possibility of disrupting end users.

Rabenstein and other IT pros shared their 2016 New Year's IT goals -- resolutions that don't include a single health craze.

IT goals for 2016

"We resolve to push the hybrid model of IT infrastructure management forward. ... In the long run companies will achieve the highest [total cost of ownership] and operating efficiency by incorporating both cloud and local data center hybrid deployments. Migrating compute off the cloud can and should be done, and utilizing power-dense colocation and network infrastructure will drive those cost and operating efficiencies in your local environments." -- Ben Coughlin, CFO and co-founder of Colovore, a California colocation provider in Santa Clara, Calif.

"My goal is to work smarter with less. Customers have a lot of legacy [IT] equipment. We'll continue to push that out in favor of better infrastructure." -- Michael Moverley, head of professional services for Nugensis Ltd., an IT infrastructure provider in Scotland

"My New Year's resolution is to focus on driving innovation in the data center with optical technology. [Facebook is] working on a 32 x 100G [network] switch called Wedge100 [and] defining the right temperature and reach requirements for 100G optics has been critical. Optical technology will be an even more important asset during the next evolution because it's a catalyst for both power reduction and density increase in the data center." -- Katharine Schmidtke, optical technology strategy on the SOE network hardware team at Facebook

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"I have to make sure I'm not designing in a vacuum, so I need to get better at connecting with [end users]. We have so much change, [that my resolution is also focused on] rightsizing. We're going through interesting rightsizing/downsizing. We need to look at how automation can solve that [decrease in technicians]."

In the coming months, VCSS will also determine if active/active hot disaster recovery is best for its infrastructure.

"Cold [backup for storage-area network] was ... lowest cost possible: Half the [Cisco] UCS blades and a smaller Nimble SAN meant 100% of critical services at 50% speed. I went to VMworld and saw vSphere 6 could make a warm or hot site instead of cold, and it could even move workloads between data centers, without spending more money." -- Jamie Rabenstein, information technology manager at VCSS, a health support agency in Chico, Calif.

"Automation [is my IT goal], primarily around ops. We do DevOps in little pockets. I'd like to advance it across the organization." -- Derek Masseth, deputy CIO and CTO for the University of Arizona

"I'm optimistic [about 2016]. My resolution is to be more efficient all the time: Add efficiency [in IT] so I have more time to brew beer!" -- Joe Aiello, staff engineer in Global Labs at telecom vendor ShoreTel Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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