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Docker tutorial for beginners turns sys admins onto containerization

This technical book introduces systems administrators to the concepts and processes they need to run Docker containers on an optimized infrastructure.

Developers are going to use Docker, whether systems administrators like it or not.

Docker for Sysadmins: Linux, Windows, VMware, a 10-part Docker tutorial for beginners from IT trainer Nigel Poulton, gives IT infrastructure operations teams a fighting chance to preserve infrastructure stability, application performance and data security when containerization hits.

The book is organized into two parts, covering Docker and containerization concepts in the first half and technical implementation details in the second. Docker beginners will learn how the containerization platform works with Linux and Windows operating systems and VMware virtualization, and Docker's various components, before absorbing skills to make Docker integrate with production infrastructure. Poulton describes the book as "handcrafted for infrastructure ops."

In Chapter 4, The big picture, Poulton walks the reader through the steps to create and destroy a container. This leaves the reader with first-hand knowledge of how containers function and the makeup of a container image. While the book is a Docker tutorial for beginners in containerization, readers should have familiarity with IT infrastructure concepts and technologies, such as daemons and bash shell scripting, from their background in systems administration.

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From Chapter 4: The big picture:

Let's examine that docker run command. docker run tells the Docker daemon to start a new container. The -it flags tell the daemon to make the container interactive and to attach our current shell to the shell of the container.

Next, the command tells Docker that we want the container to be based on the ubuntu:latest image, and we tell it to run the /bin/bash process inside the container.

Download an excerpt of Docker for Sysadmins: Linux, Windows, VMware, Chapter 4, here.

Later chapters in the Docker tutorial for beginners build on this starting point, giving an IT administrator or engineer a sense of how the pieces of Docker fit together to enable containerization on various infrastructure designs. Poulton offers insights into clustering via swarm mode, and overlay networking, including commands for working with Docker in each technical section.

Editor's note: This excerpt is from Docker for Sysadmins: Linux, Windows, VMware, authored by Nigel Poulton, published by Leanpub, Sept. 2016.

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