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February 2016 issue, Volume 5, Issue 2

Windows workloads leap to cloud

Regardless of hype, there are quite a few areas where cloud remains very much a work in progress. Take cloud bursting. This has long been IT's holy grail for cloud -- the ability to seamlessly expand capacity constrained workloads to outside of your data center to meet unexpected demand. But while it sounds good on paper, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Running Windows rather than Linux in the cloud also hasn't been easy, but things are getting better. Technically, any infrastructure-as-a-service provider whose hypervisor exposes x86-based VMs should be able to run Windows.

Speaking of Windows, you'd think that Microsoft Azure would be a shoe-in with developers looking for an easy-to-use cloud platform. Based off our recent #Hashtag feature, however, it seems Azure has its fair share of discontented developers.

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  • Server SSDs open up storage possibilities in data centers

    by  Jim O'Reilly

    We've reached a point where it's easy to justify equipping servers with SSDs: the performance gains they offer enable new workloads, and improve end-user satisfaction with response time and run time. In many cases, SSDs pay for themselves by avoiding new server purchases. There is simply no reason not to migrate from HDD to SSD in servers anymore.

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