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April 2017, Vol. 6, No. 4

Q&A: How a machine learning platform opens up big data possibilities

Machine learning isn't a new concept, and you don't need to tell that to Monte Zweben. He's been involved in artificial intelligence research for 30 years and calls himself an "old school AI person." However, recent developments and a flood of new companies offering machine learning-powered applications have made the technology more accessible than ever. Zweben has previously worked as co-manager of NASA's principal artificial intelligence laboratory and is now CEO of Splice Machine, a SQL-on-Hadoop database company in San Francisco, working on a machine learning platform. Modern Infrastructure's Nick Martin talked with Zweben about the evolution of machine learning and how its adoption will affect businesses and IT professionals. How has machine learning changed over the last 30 years? Monte Zweben: The algorithms have not changed much. If you look at the algorithms embedded in Spark or utilized in Google's TensorFlow, these algorithms have been around since the 1990s or even the late 1980s. What's changed is the ...

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