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July 2016, Vol. 5, No. 7

The real future of IT infrastructure lies in abstraction

The definition of IT infrastructure came up during a panel discussion about the future of virtualization, leading to a point that I had taken for granted: "Infrastructure professionals must stop thinking of infrastructure as hardware only," said Scott Lowe, engineering architect at VMware and a fellow panelist. If virtualization has taught us anything, it's that infrastructure is an abstracted concept. So, what's in store for the near and far future of IT infrastructure? A combination of hypervisors, containers and platform as a service (PaaS) serverless computing. The long tail of the hypervisor Hypervisors will continue as part of the data center as long as there's a data center, for both financial and technical reasons. Organizations invest in technology transformation that provides a business benefit. It's difficult enough to get application support from one major operating system version to the next without some sort of refactoring. Many IT shops still run an old version of the Solaris OS, due to the inability to refactor ...

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