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July 2016, Vol. 5, No. 7

A continuous delivery model right on time

The majority of business projects -- IT or otherwise -- rely on creating a large change. The team aims for an end result six, 12, 18 or more months away, grappling with many needs to reach that end result. The end result is needed now -- not in some months' time. An 18-month project solves an 18-month old issue, and that issue may have changed beyond all recognition by then. The 18-month process results in many updates rolled together into one deliverable that requires complex and costly change management that's a burden on end users and help desk staff. In the world of IT, it is hardly surprising that such projects are seen as a constraint on the modern, dynamic business. Something must change. Many IT organizations are considering a continuous delivery model instead of this monolithic waterfall approach with rigid plans that result in single deliverables of an application. With continuous delivery, the IT team designs a 'good enough' system (think of it as version 0.8 rather than version 8) that meets all the main requirements...

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