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June 2017, Vol. 6, No. 6

Securing containers keeps IT jumping through hoops

IT pros who've settled into a familiar security routine to protect virtual machines will find an entirely new set of challenges when they move to containers. At first, the thorny and manifold problem of securing containers was the chief challenge holding back production deployments. But Docker containers, and the infrastructure and orchestration tools that surround them, have developed more advanced security features, particularly in the last year. Also, corporate IT teams have come up to speed on new app development techniques. As a result, Docker container security updates combined with disciplined app development processes can offer better security in some ways than VMs. Still, containers, container infrastructure, orchestration platforms and microservices-based apps introduce a level of complexity that is not for the faint of heart. Basics of containers vs. VMs The chief difference between Docker containers and VMs is their relationship to a server's operating system. Docker containers share the host server's OS, while VMs ...

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