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January 2015, Volume 4, Issue 1

The 2015 Impact Awards recognize the best IT products

The Modern Infrastructure 2015 Impact Awards winners are here. After months of nominations, voting and judging, these awards winners emerged as those making the most impact on IT today -- or, as in the case of the Bright Idea award winner, with the potential to make the most impact. As modern data centers grapple with constantly changing new technologies, there are emerging products built for this new reality. The Impact Awards asks readers to vote on the products they think can make the most difference to their peers.

This year's awards recognized the best products in categories including AWS provider, cloud computing provider, data protection products, DevOps and cloud management, converged infrastructure and software-defined technology.

Other topics in this month's issue of Modern Infrastructure include disaggregation, when servers get broken down into their composite parts, and the tension between app developers and the new, fast lifecycle of mobile applications.

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