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March 2017, Vol. 6, No. 3

Storage performance analysis reveals IT's ongoing bottleneck battle

Throwing the latest technology at storage problems won't cure every ill. Flash storage has been the sexy technology of the last few years, with unquestioned abilities to reduce I/O latency. As its cost has come down, adoption has skyrocketed. But some organizations that have invested in flash encounter unexpected issues that have made some ask a difficult question: Were the storage performance gains enough to justify the cost? The focus is now shifting to more holistic storage performance analysis, leading to adoption of various software, software-defined storage and other approaches that hold hope for helping flash live up to its potential. Experts see growing sophistication of available products and practices, leading to improved efficiency and perhaps enhanced scalability as demands grow. Tabush Group, a managed service provider located in New York City, has wrestled with that challenge, said CTO Mahmut Sarigedik. In 2006, when the cloud concept gained steam, his company decided to add a private cloud to its data center ...

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