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September 2016, Vol. 5, No. 8

Trending on #bimodalIT and its ripple effects

The term bimodal IT refers to a dichotomy of applications in enterprise IT infrastructures: the new, agile, distributed and often customer-facing applications in one corner, and the legacy applications with monolithic structures and typically business productivity functions in the other corner. Rather than fighting out over which style of application operations is best, IT teams can split into a bimodal structure where apps are supported and maintained in the manner that best suits them. Analyst firm Gartner created the term bimodal IT. Since then, it has generated interest, dissention and expert takes on the best way to define bimodal IT, adopt it as a methodology and structure IT resources to exploit it. Industry experts from various hardware and software vendors recently took to Twitter with the hashtag #bimodalIT to offer their advice.  Half the battle of #BimodalIT has nothing to do with #technology; it takes cultural change. — Tony MacDonald (@teamquesttony) August 15, 2016 Tony MacDonald, sales ...

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