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September 2016, Vol. 5, No. 8

IT operations automation requires code-wielding sys admins

The line between sys admins and developers is beginning to blur thanks to IT operations automation. For years, IT has been siloed into separate disciplines. Few, if any, crossed those lines. One of the starkest divisions was the separation between the server teams and developers. These two worlds worked together, but they mixed like oil and water. As data centers continue to grow and struggle to keep up with the pace of business, many traditional processes have given way to more agile methods. Server provisioning is no longer about racking and stacking hardware; it's about provisioning VMs. Networking is no longer about switches and routers; it's about virtual local area networks and software-defined networking. However, this journey wasn't simply about changing how we delivered data center resources. It also had an effect on people. As the data center has become more software-defined, it has enabled IT to show a level of agility and responsiveness that simply didn't exist before. For better or worse, businesses not only ...

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