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Special CIO edition, July 2013

Securing and mitigating risk in the cloud

Cloud computing offers a number of upsides for IT organizations: flexibility, scalability and off-site infrastructure, to name only a few. Yet some enterprise CIOs are still hesitant to adopt cloud computing due to concerns about properly securing and mitigating risk. Are their concerns valid?

In this issue of Modern Infrastructure, CIO Edition, we examine the security challenges inherent in cloud computing and address how to meet these concerns head-on. CIO columnist Harvey Koeppel looks at governance, risk and compliance maturity and the cloud's value proposition. In our cover story, Features Writer Karen Goulart looks at how self-education, as well as vendor input, are creating change in the air when it comes to cloud use. Finally, CEB consultants Mark Tonsetic and Jeremy Bergsman offer three steps for building an enterprise framework for managing and mitigating risk in the cloud.

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