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June 2016, Vol. 5, No. 6

Unpacking the application containerization trend

Containerization is red hot right now, fueled by a fervent interest in Docker. But how did we get here? We spoke with Lars Herrmann, general manager for the Integrated Solutions Business Unit at Red Hat to find out. Who's driving the adoption of application containers? Lars Herrmann: Containerization was originally driven by developers. They're all about the simplicity of moving things around that containers offer. Of course, they're also interested in containerization's ability to develop applications based on a microservices approach. Now, we're beginning to see a similar trend from the ops side. The ops side sees that containerization is a way to give the developers what they need -- flexibility, self-service, scale-out capabilities and portability across different environments. But typically the motivation from an ops point of view is that they need to maintain control over what developers are doing; otherwise, they end up with a management mess. So now we're seeing more of a push from the ops side. How can application ...

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