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June 2016, Vol. 5, No. 6

Delving into neural networks and deep learning

Machine learning is coming to the data center both to improve internal IT management and embed intelligence into key business processes. You have probably heard of a mystical deep learning, threatening to infuse everything from systems management to self-driving cars. Is this deep learning some really smart artificial intelligence that was just created and about to be unleashed on the world, or simply marketing hype aiming to re-launch complex machine learning algorithms in a better light? It definitely fires the imagination, but it's actually not that complicated. At a technical level, deep learning mostly refers to large compute-intensive neural networks running at scale. These networks are often trained over big data sets that might, for example, include imagery, speech, video and other dense data with inherently complex patterns difficult for more logical, rules-based machine learning approaches to master. Neural networks and deep learning themselves are not new. Almost from the beginning of the modern computer age, neural ...

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