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February 2017, Vol. 6, No. 2

Data at rest security rises in an era of increasing cybercrime

At one time, corporations protected sensitive information mostly with steel doors and keypads on the wall. Security challenges are now more virtual, and the potential consequences are much more damaging. The growing cyber-crime threat is forcing organizations to take a closer look at their data center security. Encryption is being more widely adopted for data security, but it brings many challenges -- especially for businesses regularly creating new VMs and moving data between private and public clouds. "Corporations are trying to improve their security profiles, but we still see gaps: Their perimeters are leaky, and virtual machine data is often not encrypted," said Dan Blum, principal consultant at Security Architects Partners in Silver Spring, Md. News headlines illustrate the tremendous risks. Yahoo's disclosure that 1 billion customer accounts may have been breached is the latest in a series of mind-boggling security hacks suffered by the world's best-known brands: Sony, Target, LinkedIn, eBay and Home Depot. Cybercrime is ...

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