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November/December 2014, Volume 3, Issue 10

Internet of Things coming to an infrastructure near you

The Internet of Things is coming to a data center near you. The "Things" of the IoT are devices that are already in place, and the concept of the IoT describes the increasing connectivity of all these Things, instrumented for specific purposes. Adapting an enterprise data center to the Internet of Things may require a new style of architecture beyond simply growth to meet new demands.

Analysts predict huge Internet of Things growth in the next decade, and a huge resulting impact on technologists. In the short term, IoT may affect healthcare, transportation and food and beverage companies. Storage and networking infrastructure will need to keep up with increased network traffic and the influx of IoT data coming in. The Internet of Things will likely also prompt a need for better security measures, with specific policies for wearables and other possible types of smart machines.

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