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February 2018, Vol. 7, No. 1

Rely on the DevOps methodology to avoid disaster

The DevOps methodology is more than just a flavor-of-the-month buzzword. It's a new way to do things that can help catapult a business ahead of the competition. Synergy between development and operations incorporates automation and monitoring for quicker development and a deployment cycle that's designed to improve release quality and scheduling. That's the formal description anyway. But is that really what DevOps is about? A DevOps methodology is not the solution to all IT problems, but it's not a waste of time. Organizations must first look at the development piece of the DevOps puzzle. Developers are a special bunch -- even more so than most IT groups. This isn't because they are hardline coders sitting in a back room somewhere writing caffeinated code for hours on end. (OK, the caffeine part is true.) Developers are creators of applications designed to move a company forward. While there are a lot of technical pieces to coding, designing an application requires creativity and artistic ability that often gets overlooked. The ...

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