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November 2016, Vol. 5, No. 10

Four big data and AI trends to keep an eye on

Big data and artificial intelligence will affect the world -- and already are -- in mind-boggling ways. That includes, of course, our data centers. The term artificial intelligence (AI) is making a comeback. I interpret AI as a larger, encompassing umbrella that includes machine learning -- which in turn includes deep learning methods -- but also implies thought. Meanwhile, machine learning is somehow safe to talk about. It's just some applied math -- e.g., built-over probabilities, linear algebra, differential equations -- under the hood. But use the term AI and, suddenly, you get wildly different emotional reactions —for example, the Terminator is coming. However, today's broader field of AI is working toward providing humanity with enhanced and automated vision, speech and reasoning. If you'd like to stay on top of what's happening practically in these areas, here are some emerging big data and AI trends to watch that might affect you and your data center sooner rather than later: Where there is a Spark… Apache Spark is ...

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