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March 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3

For DR, cloud is the great equalizer

Disaster recovery is hard and expensive, based on the many enterprises with partial -- or no -- DR plans. But cloud computing is bringing DR to the masses.

The first step in cloud disaster recovery (DR) may be data protection -- keeping a copy offsite. From there, it's all about restoring and running services and applications after an outage. The cloud is making an appearance in DR plans for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional DR. Of course, the path the cloud DR is paved with technical challenges, people challenges and the specter of Amazon Web Services looming large.

Also in the realm of off-site data center operations, this issue of Modern Infrastructure provides some tips on curbing colocation costs when choosing and sometimes re-choosing a colo provider. Plus, exploring uses for big data -- IT management, perhaps? -- takes the stage in this issue.

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