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Special CIO Edition, October 2014

Disaster response and recovery: This is not a drill

Disaster recovery takes many forms: natural disasters that knock out data centers, data that's lost in transit, nefarious employees who abscond with proprietary company information. And those are all operational hazards, to be sure, but sometimes disaster response and recovery is more than that. Sometimes, DR has life-or-death stakes, with the CIO playing a leading role in sifting through the chaos and keeping employees safe.

In our first piece in this issue of Modern Infrastructure: CIO Edition, CIO expert Harvey Koeppel recounts his fears, but also his swift response and communication, when terrorism stuck his institution. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen explains how he matter-of-factly told new CFO that IT should not, in fact, be the ultimate owner of disaster recovery efforts. In our third piece, Rich Licato, a chief information security executive, provides six steps toward building an enterprise risk management program that pegs both common risks and countermeasures to take.

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