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November 2013, Volume 2, Number 10

Cloud storage at your service

As cloud computing matures, the field of cloud storage providers and technologies is widening. Enterprises can pick and choose how they want to use the cloud for storage, whether it’s for data protection, such as backup and disaster recovery, or for archiving. Cloud storage promises to solve some chronic storage issues by offering scalability and speedy access to huge amounts of data.

But IT teams have to look at costs, recovery times and other features when choosing cloud storage services. A cloud service like Google or Amazon, coupled with a storage appliance, can be a solid option and the first one that many enterprise IT teams may consider. However, private cloud storage is becoming a viable choice as well, especially for enterprise-class, demanding storage projects. These are cloud-style, in-house storage platforms built on object storage systems.

In this issue of the Modern Infrastructure e-zine, we also cover advances in chip technology, as these hardware processors become more tailored for specific servers and use cases.

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