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September 2014, Volume 3, Issue 8

Cloud migration confidential

Any cloud migration strategy will likely start with a good dose of preparation, say experts in the cover story for the September issue of Modern Infrastructure. Moving applications to the cloud can ease in-house burdens, but it'll take some time and effort.

And some applications shouldn't be moved to the cloud, another consideration for IT teams. Figuring that out may take some untangling, though, since app dependencies may not be immediately obvious -- a firewall, for example, could cause a cloud bottleneck. And if apps are suited to the cloud, they'll likely still need some tweaking.

Some of the big decisions around cloud migration strategy are whether to use IaaS or PaaS; whether current bandwidth can handle cloud apps; and whether the current IT operations team is skilled enough to take on a cloud migration. Then, after a migration, start to customize or automate apps to take advantage of the public cloud possibilities.

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  • Why nonpersistent VDI hasn't taken off

    by  Brian Madden

    Nonpersistent VDI sounds great in theory, but beneath the surface lay management and application compatibility nightmares. For these reasons, many shops look to persistent VDI, but new tools could make shared images easier to implement and manage.

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