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February 2014, Volume 3, Issue 2

As SaaS outsourcing takes away data center tasks, what's left for IT teams?

As software as a service (SaaS) outsourcing takes away big chunks of data center operations, IT gives up some of its tasks -- and much of its control. That's not all bad, as many of those outsourced tasks are time-consuming and onerous. SaaS implementations mean that IT can move away from being solely a fix-it operation and toward new, more business-driven projects. But new challenges are replacing the old, among them access control, licensing and managing those SaaS outsourcing providers. One major challenge in managing provider relationships can be dealing with application downtime or outages -- because IT has no control over those, but will still hear from users looking for help.

This issue of Modern Infrastructure also explores whether the BYOD trend has already come and gone. It's being replaced by more realistic consumerization plans and new models, such as COPE, that could be more useful for users and IT. And, explore networking in this issue -- an often-overlooked data center component that's become a key sticking point for cloud computing adoption.

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