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The steps in selecting the right configuration management system

Configuration management is essential for modern IT infrastructures. Choosing the right tool for your company is even more so. Determine what you need from a configuration management tool and how to select the best one.


Modern IT infrastructures are growing increasingly complex and multifaceted. IT administrators face a difficult task to keep track of all the components that make up a system, and the state they are in. The relatively static platforms of the past are now obsolete. The size and industry that the enterprise is based in makes no difference -- all companies will unilaterally benefit from a solid configuration management system.

Configuration management can be summarized as the detailed creation, recording and updating of information about an enterprise's hardware and software, which enables organizations to successfully provision new code and application packages and manage them throughout the lifecycle. Configuration management lets administrators keep tabs on their hardware and software and ensure that all activity is functioning as it should.

What makes an effective configuration management system will vary according to certain company factors: size, platforms, budget and IT capabilities available.  With a broad range of options on the market, buyers must analyze what their organization requires and narrow down which of the many CM tool offerings will provide the most benefit. Different CM tools support different platforms, so certain tools will appeal to organizations with a heterogeneous IT platform while others are suitable for those using a homogenous deployment. Companies do not want to invest in CM tools designed for a particular platform if their environment uses many. Organizations also have the option of open source versus enterprise versions of many tools. Carefully consider the coding ability available within the organization when deciding on a system.

Equipped with the knowledge in this guide provided by expert Clive Longbottom, IT administrators can select the proper configuration management software that will keep their infrastructures on track and well-positioned to keep up with rapid technology.

1What is it?-

How configuration management works and its role in modern IT systems

Learn about the configuration management process and how it can enable organizations to grow and keep up with the modern age.


Delving into the function and importance of a configuration management system

Expert Clive Longbottom breaks down the configuration management system and why it has become so essential for organizations seeking to grow. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

The benefits and necessity of a strong configuration management system

Good configuration management tools can help organizations maintain and improve their IT systems. Read more about this essential process here.


Why you need and how to use IT configuration management

All organizations can benefit from configuration management. Expert Clive Longbottom explains just how these tools can help your organization keep up and stay ahead. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

The necessary details to select configuration management software

With many options out there, learn what characteristics buyers must look for in configuration management software to make the best purchase for their enterprise.


Decision criteria for choosing configuration management software

Selecting the right configuration management software is vital for your company to function well in this modern age. Learn what you need to know in order to select the best tool. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Choosing the most effective configuration management tool

There are a number of configuration management tools available. Find out how the top products stack up against one another and which will best suit your enterprise.


Select the best configuration management tools for your company

What characterizes the best configuration management tools for your company? Read about the different tools available and which ones would address your company needs the best. Continue Reading

5Top product overviews-

In-depth looks at the top configuration management software

Now that you know what you need, and which features to look for in configuration management software, take a look at these product overviews which provide an in-depth look at configuration management tools and products.


CFEngine configuration management tool up close and in-depth

CFEngine is a widely known and used configuration management tool. Learn about its primary features and functions and if and how your organization could benefit from it. Continue Reading


Inside Docker configuration management functions

Docker may not be a standard configuration management tool, but it possesses a set of capabilities that have made it a growing player in the CM market. Continue Reading


Microsoft PowerShell DSC's main features and primary functions

Microsoft PowerShell DSC is a well-established tool on the market, but is it right for your company? Read more about how it works and its capabilities. Continue Reading


The Cobbler configuration management tool's ins and outs

Cobbler is a configuration management tool best suited for Linux-based IT environments. Learn more about this tool and if it can benefit your enterprise. Continue Reading


SaltStack configuration management tools and their many functions

SaltStack is a relatively new tool in the configuration management market with powerful capabilities and an active user community. Read more about this emerging product here. Continue Reading


What Chef configuration management can do for your IT systems

Chef configuration management tools possess a huge community of users. Learn more about product versions, capabilities, user resources and what Chef can offer an enterprise. Continue Reading


An in-depth view into the Ansible configuration management option

Ansible configuration management technology is flexible and available in a range of options. Learn the ins and outs of its products designed to meet IT configuration management needs. Continue Reading


An in-depth look at Puppet configuration management tool options

Puppet configuration management tools are widely used in the IT industry. The Puppet product is available in many versions that are regarded as useful tools for organizations of all sizes. Continue Reading

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