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Server management tools shed light on data center issues

What features should a systems monitoring and management tool offer to achieve a detailed understanding of data center operations? It depends on the data center.


IT managers responsible for reliable, speedy and cost-effective computing don't track all data center operations. Server management tools explore and collect buried information on data center processes. By exploring management software options, understanding a data center's specific needs and successfully implementing tools, data center managers enhance operations and improve troubleshooting.

1Where it all begins-

Selecting a server management tool

Server management automation lets busy administrators operate a growing amount of virtual workloads and ensure the underlying hardware's proper performance over time, but selecting the wrong tool for your data center can do more harm than good. This section covers what to focus on when choosing your perfect management tool.


Choose data center tools wisely

Don't get hung up on cost. Your needs and limitations are important too. Here are five tips on selecting system management tools. Continue Reading


Systems management is critical but complicated

Administrators face challenges in systems management deployment. A lack of skill sets, infrastructure support, increasing workloads -- these issues aren't getting solved anytime soon, so here's how best to handle them. Continue Reading


Do the tools even fit?

The server management tools you choose have to work for your data center. Heterogeneous system management tools may be the better choice in some cases, despite homogeneous tools' level of detail. Continue Reading


Keep your head out of the clouds

New cloud platforms aren't always the right way to go. Cloud may be agile, scalable and affordable, but the right server management and automation can turn your servers, applications and data into equally standardized, automated, self-provisioning environments. Continue Reading


Introduce automation to your server domain

Server automation is a highly effective sys admin tool that can free up data center resources to focus on higher-priority endeavors. Follow these suggestions for getting started by automating low-level IT processes. Continue Reading

2They have what?-

Proprietary and third-party vendors

Hardware vendors like IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. provide monitoring tools to manage their systems. So do software vendors, who often create open-source products to work with hardware from various vendors. Here are some examples of management tools from third-party vendors that can be implemented to benefit your environment.


The battle of proprietary vs. third-party software vendors

Should you opt for a server management tool from your hardware vendor or from a third-party software vendor? Choosing between the two depends on certain criteria, such as price and vendor mix. Here's how to make the difficult decision. Continue Reading


OpenNMS installation for server monitoring

OpenNMS is a free, open-source server monitoring alternative for service assurance and reporting server troubles. Learn how to install and configure OpenNMS 1.8. Continue Reading


A deeper look into the Net-SNMP agent

The Net-SNMP agent is a systems management tool used to track important statistics. And whether or not you have the time for the learning curve, this tool provides options. Continue Reading


Does Puppet benefit users?

Some industry experts have questioned Puppet's scalability. Is the declarative DevOps automation approach a boon? You decide. Continue Reading


How can Zenoss aid in infrastructure monitoring?

An open-source monitoring tool, Zenoss, controls the data center infrastructure layer and offers a configuration management database among other open source contributions. Continue Reading


Setting up Nagios for monitoring

Nagios, an open-source network monitoring tool, can be used in all major Linux distributions. From installation to configuration, this tip comprises the Nagios setup. Continue Reading

3Observe from afar-

Remote server management

Remote server administration tools give IT professionals the ability manage data centers without actually being there. With growing IT needs at branch offices and businesses colocating some compute resources, remote server management is gaining importance.


How to manage and maintain remote servers

With server automation tools, IT pros have more choices to monitor and control data centers from all over. Understand when you need remote IT management and how to quickly and efficiently tend to those off-site systems. Continue Reading


What to consider when selecting remote server tools

Which remote server administration tool is best for your IT organization? Here are the criteria for choosing the right tool and suggestions for how to optimally deploy it. Continue Reading


Long-distance server management best practices

The future of remote server management depends on proper maintenance. How can administrators guarantee coverage when an actual person is required to perform tasks on-site? Here is what to expect. Continue Reading


When you really do need a person

Remote server monitoring has limitations that should not be overlooked. Knowing how to conquer the restrictions will save you time and stress. Continue Reading


Manage the pitfalls of remote management

Remote server management is common and convenient for the data center, but there are times when server administration necessitates a hands-on approach. Continue Reading

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