Get to know Docker, container technology out of the box

Last updated:June 2015

Editor's note

Similar to pop culture trends, the IT market goes in cycles -- what's irrelevant one day can become popular again. And thanks to the open source container platform Docker, container technology again dominates the cloud market chatter.

Docker packages Linux applications and their dependencies in containers, which puts a new spin on container-based virtualization. Many cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, are on board with the technology, offering support or developing features around Docker containers. But as more vendors further the container movement, it's vital for enterprises to keep up with the latest developments and features.

Despite Docker's rapidly growing popularity among vendors, enterprise adoption of the container technology moves at a slower pace. Find out where Docker is heading, the latest technology developments, as well as what other container options are cropping up, with this complete guide.

1Exploring Docker container deployments and developments

The saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," clearly doesn't apply to container technology. While containers are nothing new to the IT world, Docker's latest twist on the technology caught the eyes of major cloud providers, placing it among the most popular industry trends. To keep the cloud world captivated, Docker continues to add new tools and features to its container platform. And to ensure smooth implementation, enterprises need to stay informed on Docker developments.

2Google firmly aboard container technology bandwagon

Many cloud providers, such as AWS and IBM, have climbed aboard the Docker bandwagon. And Google is no exception. The search engine giant has been especially focused on container technology developments, including its open source container management system, Kubernetes, and its Container Engine. As Google continues its container push, enterprises need to stay up-to-date on the cloud provider's latest container technology efforts.