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Get to know Docker, container technology out of the box

Containers are nothing new, but many cloud providers joined the Docker conga line, including AWS and Google. And with no end in sight, enterprises must understand container technology and its impact on the cloud market.


Similar to pop culture trends, the IT market goes in cycles -- what's irrelevant one day can become popular again. And thanks to the open source container platform Docker, container technology again dominates the cloud market chatter.

Docker packages Linux applications and their dependencies in containers, which puts a new spin on container-based virtualization. Many cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, are on board with the technology, offering support or developing features around Docker containers. But as more vendors further the container movement, it's vital for enterprises to keep up with the latest developments and features.

Despite Docker's rapidly growing popularity among vendors, enterprise adoption of the container technology moves at a slower pace. Find out where Docker is heading, the latest technology developments, as well as what other container options are cropping up, with this complete guide.

1Docker shakes up cloud market-

Container technology sets the cloud market ablaze

In the highly competitive and growing cloud market, Docker containers are the talk of the town. The open source container platform is gaining traction, as Docker fever spreads among many major cloud providers. From AWS and Google to Joyent and IBM, Docker certainly doesn't lack cloud vendor support. But as more vendors join the container technology fray, what can enterprises expect from the Docker-crazed cloud market?


Is containerization right for your organization?

There is plenty of hype surrounding containers, especially Docker. But it's important to understand how the technology fits in your cloud strategy. Continue Reading


Docker, Rocket duel for cloud market's container throne

For a while, Docker made the container market a one-horse race. But now Rocket, a new container technology from CoreOS, is looking to take the lead. Continue Reading


Enterprises move sluggishly toward Docker adoption

Many vendors have thrown their support behind Docker, making it one of the most popular cloud trends. But enterprise adoption will be slow and steady. Continue Reading


Docker the driving force of cloud's container movement

Docker containers have many benefits, such as app portability and open source technology. But that doesn't mean they're right for your cloud environment. Continue Reading


IBM looks to leapfrog cloud rivals with Docker alliance

Hoping to get a leg up on rivals like AWS, IBM has partnered with Docker to build apps that can move between on-premises environments and the cloud. Continue Reading


Where Docker fits in Red Hat's Linux container puzzle

Docker may be in the cloud market spotlight, but it's just a footnote in Red Hat Atomic Host, which provides tools to run Linux containers. Continue Reading


OpenStack has agnostic approach to container integration

How to integrate Docker with OpenStack is a common question, but the answer may be to think of OpenStack as an agnostic integration engine. Continue Reading


Joyent goes all-in, bets big on Docker deployment

Joyent is betting the farm on Docker containers, as the niche cloud vendor looks to be the first to operate the container technology at scale. Continue Reading

2What to expect from Docker-

Exploring Docker container deployments and developments

The saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," clearly doesn't apply to container technology. While containers are nothing new to the IT world, Docker's latest twist on the technology caught the eyes of major cloud providers, placing it among the most popular industry trends. To keep the cloud world captivated, Docker continues to add new tools and features to its container platform. And to ensure smooth implementation, enterprises need to stay informed on Docker developments.


Docker version 1 sees incremental maturation

Docker quietly updated version 1 twice in one month, fixing bugs and improving container management for users. Continue Reading


Docker puts a new spin on container technology

Containers aren't a new IT concept, but Docker's open source container platform offers a new spin on the technology, focusing on cloud portability. Continue Reading


Docker fills scalability void with orchestration tools

While scalability has been a concern with Docker, the container technology recently added three orchestration tools to manage Docker at scale. Continue Reading


Exploring the downside of Docker's Linux dependency

Many vendors are all-in with Docker containers, but the technology's dependency on Linux casts a shadow over its seemingly bright future in cloud. Continue Reading


Docker sets its sights on enterprise with Orchard buy

Docker has garnered plenty of hype in the cloud market. And now, it looks to build on that foundation with the acquisition of Orchard Laboratories. Continue Reading


Docker CEO offers a glimpse into future development

While Docker has already generated major buzz, CEO Ben Golub says there's more to come, especially around container management and orchestration. Continue Reading


Five steps to build a path to Docker containers

The app migration process to Docker containers can be confusing. Here are five basic steps to guide your organization to containerization. Continue Reading


Finding a container platform in Docker-dominated market

In the container market, Docker is the popular kid in school. But that doesn't mean it's right for you. Here's how to find your container platform fit. Continue Reading


Three applications that thrive in Docker containers

While Docker is popular among many cloud providers, three applications really thrive in its containers, including apps that benefit from DevOps. Continue Reading

3Google's place in containers-

Google firmly aboard container technology bandwagon

Many cloud providers, such as AWS and IBM, have climbed aboard the Docker bandwagon. And Google is no exception. The search engine giant has been especially focused on container technology developments, including its open source container management system, Kubernetes, and its Container Engine. As Google continues its container push, enterprises need to stay up-to-date on the cloud provider's latest container technology efforts.


Google throws its hat -- and support -- in Docker ring

With its eyes on the enterprise, Docker is getting by with a little help from its friends, as Google throws its support behind the container platform. Continue Reading


Google continues container charge with Kubernetes

Cloud vendors are hot with Docker fever, and Google continued its containerization movement with its open source container scheduler, Kubernetes. Continue Reading


Google Kubernetes leading container orchestration pack

Docker may be the container king, but Google's open source project, Kubernetes, is leading the pack in container orchestration and cluster management. Continue Reading


Cloud vendors rally around Google Kubernetes

Google's open source container project, Kubernetes, is gaining traction -- and support -- from cloud providers, including Microsoft, Red Hat and IBM. Continue Reading


Google Container Registry locks down Docker security

While cloud security tops users' lists of concerns, Google Container Registry looks to calm enterprise nerves with private Docker repositories. Continue Reading


Google vies for cloud throne with its Container Engine

Google Container Engine represents the latest move in a cloud provider chess match, as Google looks to overcome AWS for the market's top spot. Continue Reading

4Container technology glossary-

Defining key container technology terms

In addition to staying informed on the latest Docker and container trends, it's important to understand the technology's key terminology. Whether you're an IT pro, an enterprise or just looking to get a better grasp on container technology, here are definitions you should know.

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