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AI in IT tools promises better, faster, stronger ops

Process automation, machine learning and AI in IT can revolutionize operations. The new batch of smart IT operations tools prove AI isn't going away, and fighting it is an organizational death wish.


Artificial intelligence has spread into business applications and home use tools -- Siri and Alexa can confirm. Within the enterprise, machine learning and AI in IT operations have changed the playing field. Tools such as Hadoop put machine learning into the hands of the average engineer, allowing more organizations to manipulate more data. These tools lead to springboard improvements in processing speed, analytics, insights or security, and the organizations that use these AI-enabled products benefit from increased staff productivity.

Science fiction has prepared the world for autonomous, opinionated robots, but that level of AI is still not even on the horizon. AI in IT operations will cultivate new jobs and give organizations better analytics and smarter security for IT infrastructure and its data -- and probably help run the servers that host the next science fiction movie predicting the downfall of humanity.

1AI enhances IT ops tools-

The kid in all the clubs

Renewed interest in AI in IT tools has flung open doors of opportunity for improvements in efficiency, accuracy, analysis and security -- not to mention time consumption. IT operations staff can find AI and machine-learning functions in tools from IT service management (ITSM) to log management and from network security to cloud management.


Deep machine learning lets AI think more, respond smarter

Basic machine-learning parameters require a preprogrammed, finite set of rules -- which is useful, but inefficient. With the capacity to learn those rules on its own, AI in IT operations and other fields yields better responses to input, without supervision. Continue Reading


How deeply AI learns affects how many resources it needs

Hardware clusters grew frail as data scientists at Google and Facebook piled layer on layer of learning mechanisms into their AI systems. So, how do these industry giants keep their AI -- and their hardware -- kicking? Continue Reading


ServiceNow improves product offerings with AI in IT tools

ITSM provider ServiceNow acquired machine-learning firm DxContinuum and strengthened a partnership with IBM to add AI capabilities to its bevy of products. Continue Reading


Machine learning improves IT security -- but only with the right data

Feeding large volumes of data to AI-directed security tools is the ideal recipe for improved threat detection -- but only when it's the right datasets. Continue Reading


AI infused into log management software catches more anomalies

Humans can only sift through so much data to find brewing disasters. Add AI to log monitoring and management tools to improve anomaly detection, analysis and prioritization. Continue Reading


AI transforms data center storage

AI in the data center is less futuristic than a robot that composes a hit song. AI provides the capacity to manage data and how it is stored more efficiently, accurately and swiftly. Continue Reading

2Maintain AI practicality-

Not every organization can play

AI-powered tools in IT ops can save systems administrators and security specialists from countless hours of rote work. With smart software covering the bases, ops pros can spend their time and energy on the tasks that require nuanced judgment. And because AI tools process volumes of data more efficiently than humans, those ops pros can make better decisions, yielding better results.


Organizations that look to machine learning need data volume now

Big data seems to surround IT, weaving through every category of products like dog hair in a blanket. Organizations that don't have access to big data now risk finding themselves without enough input for machine learning to process later. Continue Reading


The intelligence is artificial -- the productivity improvement is real

AI started out in business apps, but there are clear signs that it will make a splash in IT ops productivity, as evidenced in IPcenter from IPsoft and other tools. Continue Reading


Automate IT processes to significantly improve business value

The more of IT operations that pros can automate, the more productive the department gets and the more interesting the job can be. Eliminate the tedious manual processes from day-to-day activity with smart automation tools and find better things to do. Continue Reading

3So many terms, so little time-

Language processing is natural

Data scientists have taught computers how to process natural language to learn what people are saying. If you, a human, need help understanding these smart computers, here is a handy glossary of terms for AI in IT operations.

4IT's future is automated-

Don't expect any autonomous robo-admins

Sys admins can anticipate seeing AI in IT operations for the foreseeable future. Improved analytics and processing speed necessitate its use -- and bring up new career options.


AI, big data, machine-learning trends to watch

More organizations are making use of AI and machine learning in a multitude of ways, ranging from security to log management to resource management. But AI in IT has a long road ahead. Continue Reading


Redesign IT processes before adding automation, AI

Many traditional IT processes are inefficient and time-consuming. Automating those processes requires a redesign for simplicity and efficiency first. And any IT ops pro working with automation needs a new itinerary. Continue Reading


The world needs more data scientists. Interested?

Growing use of AI, machine learning and big data necessitates a swath of data scientists. IT professionals already working with big data -- and enjoying it -- should consider a career change. Continue Reading


AI might be for real this time, but so what?

The creation of AI products is beyond the purview of IT ops, but knowing how a tool works will inform how you set up and use it. AI tailored for specific tasks will play an important role in IT operations, but expecting AI to do everything only stultifies ops agendas. Continue Reading

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