AI in IT tools promises better, faster, stronger ops

Last updated:June 2017

Editor's note

Artificial intelligence has spread into business applications and home use tools -- Siri and Alexa can confirm. Within the enterprise, machine learning and AI in IT operations have changed the playing field. Tools such as Hadoop put machine learning into the hands of the average engineer, allowing more organizations to manipulate more data. These tools lead to springboard improvements in processing speed, analytics, insights or security, and the organizations that use these AI-enabled products benefit from increased staff productivity.

Science fiction has prepared the world for autonomous, opinionated robots, but that level of AI is still not even on the horizon. AI in IT operations will cultivate new jobs and give organizations better analytics and smarter security for IT infrastructure and its data -- and probably help run the servers that host the next science fiction movie predicting the downfall of humanity.

1Not every organization can play

AI-powered tools in IT ops can save systems administrators and security specialists from countless hours of rote work. With smart software covering the bases, ops pros can spend their time and energy on the tasks that require nuanced judgment. And because AI tools process volumes of data more efficiently than humans, those ops pros can make better decisions, yielding better results.

2Don't expect any autonomous robo-admins

Sys admins can anticipate seeing AI in IT operations for the foreseeable future. Improved analytics and processing speed necessitate its use -- and bring up new career options.