A look inside the DevOps movement

Last updated:November 2013

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The DevOps movement has steadily gained traction among IT professionals. DevOps engineers looking for work don't have to look too hard; a quick scan on one job site turned up more than 300 listings. But what does a DevOps job entail? Does a "DevOps engineer" even exist?

People fluent in the DevOps work methodology have skills in both application development and systems operations to help push releases quickly. DevOps is also a philosophy to bridge communication gaps between groups. This guide details the varied aspects of the DevOps movement, how to adopt it and the tools available to facilitate it.

1What the DevOps movement is -- and is not

In some IT organizations, the DevOps movement blends development and operations into one team. In others, a moderator between development and operations teams will manage the interaction between the groups. And in others, the DevOps overhaul takes on a life of its own.

2The tools of the DevOps trade

Once you understand what the DevOps movement is and how it can benefit the IT department, it's time to acquire the skills and tools required to succeed.

Start by evaluating the DevOps tool options out there and map these to your needs. Look into the major DevOps tool vendors as well as more specialized, open source and home-grown options for greater control.