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A look inside the DevOps movement

DevOps culture demands fast developments and agility in the face of change. The right IT team and tools keep releases flowing at a rapid pace.


The DevOps movement has steadily gained traction among IT professionals. DevOps engineers looking for work don't have to look too hard; a quick scan on one job site turned up more than 300 listings. But what does a DevOps job entail? Does a "DevOps engineer" even exist?

People fluent in the DevOps work methodology have skills in both application development and systems operations to help push releases quickly. DevOps is also a philosophy to bridge communication gaps between groups. This guide details the varied aspects of the DevOps movement, how to adopt it and the tools available to facilitate it.

1Starting out -

What the DevOps movement is -- and is not

In some IT organizations, the DevOps movement blends development and operations into one team. In others, a moderator between development and operations teams will manage the interaction between the groups. And in others, the DevOps overhaul takes on a life of its own.


Start DevOps on the right path

DevOps practices may be wholly new to your organization. Take these beginning steps to ensure adoption works for the long term. Continue Reading


How an IT department becomes DevOps friendly

DevOps isn't a job or a department. It also isn't easy to adopt. But the payoffs are there if your IT team gets on board. Continue Reading


Who makes the best DevOps employee?

Specialization is the name of the game in IT -- until now. IT generalists are the best fit in a DevOps culture. So hire squirrels, not koalas. Continue Reading


Avoiding the over-hyped DevOps catastrophe

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. If you want the rewards of DevOps within your IT organization, it helps to know what not to do. Continue Reading


DevOps by any other name is still DevOps

The goal is speed, accountability, quality and intelligent automated applications deployment, whether you call it DevOps or not. Continue Reading


Read all about it: Books on DevOps

There aren't many books about DevOps out there, but a few stand out as worth the read for adopters. Continue Reading

2The pay off-

Benefits of the DevOps culture

Adopting the DevOps movement in your IT department can mean faster delivery, more collaboration between teams and better processes overall. These benefits extend both to cloud businesses and traditional enterprise data centers.


Network teams lose control as Devops and SDN take over

Control of the network is now in the hands of virtualization, server, application and network pros, thanks to DevOps and SDN. Continue Reading


Driving down costs with a DevOps mentality

DevOps culture can transform traditional enterprise IT shops to run like public cloud providers -- and that's good for business. Continue Reading


Collaborate and automate!

Collaboration, automation and good processes result from a DevOps mindset, improving quality and delivery time. Continue Reading


Cloud shop? You need to think in DevOps

Cloud deployments are often less efficient than traditional data center operations, without clearly achievable benefits. DevOps can turn that around. Continue Reading


More cloud adoption means more DevOps in the IT shop

New IT titles are emerging around cloud and mobility, adding to a DevOps-savvy workforce ready to manage cloud deployments. Continue Reading


Winning hearts and minds with DevOps

Outsourcing IT services is a hot trend among business leaders, but adopting the DevOps culture is one way to prove IT's value. Continue Reading


The tools of the DevOps trade

Once you understand what the DevOps movement is and how it can benefit the IT department, it's time to acquire the skills and tools required to succeed.

Start by evaluating the DevOps tool options out there and map these to your needs. Look into the major DevOps tool vendors as well as more specialized, open source and home-grown options for greater control.


Evaluating DevOps tools

You have to know what models and implementation styles work for your IT team to select effective DevOps tools. Continue Reading


Mapping tools to skills

The best plan of attack for adopting DevOps is to know your IT strengths and weaknesses, and implement a tool chain to match. Continue Reading


Declarative or imperative?

The debate over DevOps tools isn't quieting down any time soon, with benefits in both the declarative and imperative camps. Continue Reading


Chef: Systems automation in the data center

Chef is a household name in DevOps IT shops, including big names like The appeal is multi-faceted, from cloud provisioning to disaster recovery. Continue Reading


How to use the Puppet configuration management tool

The other top-tier DevOps tool, Puppet, enforces policies in a framework. It's designed to eliminate manual services and the errors that can accompany them. Continue Reading


10 more DevOps tools to consider

Beyond Chef and Puppet, you have more options for DevOps tools, many of which are open source. Continue Reading


Build your own DevOps tools

DevOps adopters say that home-grown tools are essential to the movement, and to their bottom line. Continue Reading


DevOps tools that support the cloud

More-complex application development and deployment require more automation and simplification from the right tools. Continue Reading


DevOps tools for VMware virtualization shops

VMware and DevOps giant Puppet Labs released tools for virtualized environments, hoping that the vendor collaboration will enable simpler and more prolific automation. Continue Reading


Testing in the DevOps environment

Development and operations have merged into a cohesive DevOps mindset. Application changes are rolling out faster, and the data center is attuned to business needs. What's the last piece of the puzzle? Agile, intelligent testing.


Test automation tools

Applications will benefit from the right test tools suited to the DevOps methodology of incremental and frequent changes with a backbone of automation. Continue Reading


The exploratory mindset in test environments

While critical thinking, exploration and agility are valued in DevOps, that rarely trickles down to the application test level. And that's a shame, considering the pay off. Continue Reading


DevOps -- at the cost of QA?

DevOps could shortchange quality assurance, diluting the effectiveness of software testing. Don't let that happen. Continue Reading


New and noteworthy test trends

Testing that relies on automation and enables more developer freedom is a trend for IT to adopt. Continue Reading

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Test your workload automation knowledge

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