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Perforce is a software company that specializes in software configuration management, Version control and collaboration products. The company is the recognized market leader in version control within the gaming sector.

Perforce’s main product line is Helix software, which is used to keep track of versions for software and game development, content management, databases and more. The Helix platform facilitates collaborative development and protection of any type of intellectual property (IP).

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The Helix platform includes:

  • Helix Versioning Engine, which includes distributed version control capabilities for files of any type or size.
  • Helix GitSwarm, a complete ecosystem for Git-based development.
  • Helix Swarm, a comprehensive review application.

Due to its multitenant nature, many groups can work on versioned files. The server tracks changes in a central database of MD5 hashes of file content, along with descriptive meta data and separately retains a master repository of file versions that can be verified through the hashes.

Perforce Software was founded in 1995 by Christopher Seiwald. The company is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and has offices in California, Australia, England and Canada. Perforce clients number over 15,000 and include Nvidia, Intuit, Tivo, Disney, Pixar, Salesforce, EA, Ubisoft, Netflix, Sony, Samsung and Adidas.

Summit Partners, an investment company, bought Perforce in February 2016.

This was last updated in September 2016

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What tools do you use for version control in the cloud?
It really depends on what is being versioned. With source code and Chef recipes, we stick with Bitbucket. Other items that are stored in S3 make use of the built-in versioning of S3.
Interesting to see that they specialize not just in versioning,  but versioning for games.  Is there something different about game versioning that it requires a specialty?

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