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  • What about the people?

    Stephen J. Bigelow - Senior Technology Editor 20 Oct 2016
  • I've been a technologist all my life. I studied electronics in high school, graduated college with a BSEE, spent some years creating manufacturing machines, and have written extensively about ...

  • Google Project Aristotle - 5 Keys to Team Success

    Carlos Casanova - Casanova Advisory Services 14 Sep 2016
  • If I picked one word to collectively describe the five components from Project Aristotle, it would have to be value.

  • Service Management conferences offer more

    Carlos Casanova - Casanova Advisory Services 25 Aug 2016
  • No one single focused approach will work for every organization or even across an entire organization. We must be open to different styles, approaches, frameworks and models.

  • A new site for IT operations pros

    Meredith Courtemanche - Executive Editor 07 Jun 2016
  • Emerging technologies force enterprise IT shops to rethink not just which new products and services to adopt, but even more importantly, the very nature of how they do their jobs. For this reason, ...

  • Enterprise DevOps is a custom operation

    Margie Semilof - Editorial Director 25 May 2016
  • There was no shortage of IT pros at Gartner's recent IT ops conference in Washington, D.C. looking shorten release cycles to apps, old and new, by adding process automation. But it's not extreme ...