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Service Management conferences offer more

The week of August 17th saw some of the world’s foremost experts in Service Management travel to Brisbane, Australia for their 19th annual national conference. The conference is hosted by itSMFA, the Australian chapter of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) head-quartered in the UK. itSMF chapters around the world conduct similar conferences also attracting international speakers and attendees. This year’s itSMFA conference continued a recent pattern of expansion from other conferences into Lean, Agile & DevOps topics. This has been a growing and well received trend at recent itSMF conferences around the world.

itSMF Australia

Today’s itSMF goes beyond service management for broader IT operations concerns and trends.

itSMFA brought in Charles T. Betz, Digital Thought Leader, for a pre-conference workshop to get things started. The workshop was titled: “Agile, Lean IT and DevOps – a survival guide for the mid-career professional”. Charles spent the workshop addressing how we have arrived at the current state and where we need to go while providing practical advice for managing your career.

Always popular was Matthew Hooper, ITSM and DevOps Evangelist for LANDESK. Matthew presented “Creating enterprise agility through Lean service management and DevOps”. His session sought to educate attendees on how Lean service management practices along with DevOps cultural changes can enable enterprise level agility within an organization.

Ian Jones and Marilyn Nelson, both from KPMG also addressed the Lean, Agile and DevOps are in their session where they spoke to the “Next generation of IT Models”. Ian and Marilyn, shared their research and experience in designing next generation IT operating models. Key to this was their perspective on the need to adopt a holistic approach in order to enhance IT service delivery.

The itSMFA conference is only one of a global circuit of conferences that have traditionally focused exclusively on Service Management. They are now providing more value by opening up to a broader array of topics impacting IT operations. This is great to see because no one single focused approach will work for every organization or even across an entire organization. We must be open to different styles, approaches, frameworks and models. These must all work together in order to deliver the desired business outcomes that organizations are seeking. Take advantage of opportunities to attend one of these Service Management titled conferences. Take a deeper look into what they’re offering. You might be surprised that it is far more than just service management.

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