• September 26, 2016 26 Sep'16


    ServiceNow is a cloud-based self-proclaimed “everything as a service” company focused on facilitating the management of IT services (ITSM), IT operations, IT business and software development.  Continue Reading

  • September 26, 2016 26 Sep'16

    Conduct an honest IT performance review in problem areas

    There are many common signs that the IT estate is unhealthy. These are a few indicators of trouble, with potential changes to consider.  Continue Reading

  • September 25, 2016 25 Sep'16

    Linux Containers Project

    Linux Containers is a project created to provide a distro- and vendor-neutral environment for the development of Linux container technologies.  Continue Reading

  • September 25, 2016 25 Sep'16

    zero touch provisioning (ZTP)

    Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) is a switch feature that allows the devices to be provisioned and configured automatically, eliminating most of the manual labor involved with adding them to a network.  Continue Reading

  • September 24, 2016 24 Sep'16

    agile test automation pyramid

    The agile test automation pyramid is a graphical strategy guide for implementing automated software testing. The model splits types of testing into three layers based on the return on investment (ROI) offered by automating that particular type.  Continue Reading

  • September 23, 2016 23 Sep'16


    Loggly is a cloud-based enterprise log management and analytics tool. The Software as a Service product makes log data accessible and useful to more groups within an enterprise.  Continue Reading

  • September 23, 2016 23 Sep'16

    CFEngine configuration management tool up close and in-depth

    CFEngine is a widely known and used configuration management tool. Learn about its primary features and functions and if and how your organization could benefit from it.  Continue Reading