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Performance monitoring

Robert Harris on performance monitoring in CICS environment.

Our C++ application with DB2 runs in CICS TS1.2. Going by the design of our application, different sets of load modules and DLLs run under the same CICS transaction code.

We are struggling to identify the performance hotpots in the application because of the lack of proper application performance analysis tools. InTune, Strobe and IBM C++ performance analyzers are not of any help.

What do you suggest we should do to capture CPU and other resource consumption metrics? I heard that there is a subtype of SMF record type 110 which, when turned on, gives application CSECT level resource usage statistics.

I'm afraid that you won't like my answer. If you do not have the proper tools around for C/C++ monitoring, then CICS cannot help you. You can get all the usual transaction-related things (including the DB2 expense) from stats/monitoring but you seem to want to go deeper down.

In order to go deeper down, then you will need a tool that understands C DLLs and can hook into function calls (you may need to compile with debugging options to get this going). As you suggest, the C++ performance analyzer does this and I think you should consider getting it in to do the analysis you seem to need.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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