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Configuring an Autoinstall program to handle dynamic TCPIP Tn3270 LU pool definitions

How can I configure my Autoinstall program to handle dynamic TCPIP Tn3270 LU pool definitions?

The terminal model and associated mode table for a given LU Netname can change with each connection and reuse of the LU. From my readings in the Customization guide, a single model can be provided by a locally provided VTAM Table. This does not handle the case when an LU can change from TN3270 to TN3270E to Mod 2 to Mod 4 on each use. Many other VTAM applications have code that can handle this.

How can I bring this flexibility to CICS? (CICS TS2.2, OS/390 2.10)

I suspect that the problem is engendered by the CICS region autoinstalling a terminal according to the initial flow -- say its a model 2. Then, when the TN3270 session goes away, the terminal is still around in CICS so when you rebind with a different screen size, like a model 4, you do not get the correct picture.

I suggest you use an AUTOINSTALL model that deletes the terminal definition as soon as the TN3270 connection is dropped. That way when you rebind with a different screen size, you should get the terminal (re)installed correctly.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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